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iATKOS V7.1 - RC2 (iATKOS 10.5.7 ) Released this week. Instructional ScreenShot - iAtkos V7.1 - RC2 & I have changed the Image below to "Chameleon 2.0 RC2/... iAtkos V7.1 - RC2 Instructional ScreenShot - See also BootCamp Legacy Mac OS X ProStartup VirtualBox BootCamp References External links Official site Mac OS X Wiki page Chameleon Operating System Wiki page Official Boot Camp 2 .0 for Snow Leopard Chameleon RC2/ . Chameleon operating system on Apples site Category:2009 software Category:MacOS-only software Category:MacOSFederal officials are recommending that the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of due process be altered so that the U.S. Supreme Court can review whether the death penalty is constitutional. The new policy, which would require the high court to convene every three years to determine whether states are carrying out executions according to constitutional standards, was outlined by the Justice Department in a long-anticipated report. The report of the high-level panel, which was issued to the Supreme Court in December, concludes that "the death penalty is deeply flawed." It cites the routine bungling of death penalty cases by lawyers and judges, the large number of states that have never executed an inmate, and the perception that the system is administered arbitrarily. "In view of the serious flaws in the system, the panel concludes that continued adherence to the current death penalty system is not constitutionally permissible," the report said. "The panel considers the current death penalty system to be in a state of crisis." In an effort to hasten the death penalty's decline, the report recommends that federal officials move toward a ban on the death penalty. The recommendation would require the Justice Department to change existing federal law that allows the U.S. government to execute only those who have been convicted and sentenced by state courts. It also suggests that the high court review the constitutionality of the federal death penalty statute. Currently, the high court is only called upon to review whether executions are carried out according to state law. The recommendation has the support of seven former justices of the Supreme Court. Last ac619d1d87

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